Ultraseal ePRO-MINI

Ultraseal ePRO-MINI

Ultraseal ePRO MINI automated heat-applied microplate and tube rack sealer

Automated heat-applied microplate and tube rack sealer

The Ultraseal ePRO-MINI uses proprietary cut sheet and framed heat seals of surface modified aluminium or plastic film.

The seal pack (20 seals) is positioned in the removable sealing draw section. Using a uniquely designed seal pickup process, the seal is applied to the plate top surface to create the seal between plate and film.

Offering complete versatility, Ultraseal ePRO-MINI will work with a wide range of plates, tube racks, shallow and deep well formats and custom mouldings. Our latest range of seals support polystyrene, polypropylene and CoC & CoP plate formats, with a range of film substrates.

  • All electric operation removes the risk of cross contamination inherent in compressed air
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface
  • Closed loop-controlled sealing temperature
  • Tool-free foil loading
  • Automatically compensates for plate heights
  • Variable seal time and temperature control via screen or comms

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