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kbiosystems offer a complete unique applications design and OEM design manufacturing facility, we not only product our own brand products but a wide range of unique application products for third party vendors.
kbiosystems design and implementation department offer the full concept to manufacture to one off and multi sales products. We use the most up to date design 3D modelling packages. From initial idea, pre production concept manufacture, certification and finally production articles. kbiosystems has a fully equipped CNC machine shop offers total manufacture control.
Software design offers the ability for PCB manufacture, low level firmware and programming, high level GUI and integration software to allow user and process control. All processes offer customer interaction with the process flow and overall interface appearance.
Design can be pure mechanical, open loop control stepper systems up to fully closed loop servo driven applications. With the ability for your
own branding on products gives you the ability to supply systems worldwide confidence.
We have a wide range of current customers KBiosystems manufacture bothexclusively and non exclusively, (product dependant).
Some of our partners are listed below.
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