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The Kbiosystems K3-XL

kbiosystems K3 Series of automated colony picking systems offer the ideal medium throughput automation laboratories require for a reliable, consistent identification and extraction system for sample recovery.
kbiosystems K3 Series colony pickers range in size and throughput ability, offering the user the ability to step up from hand picking to first stage automation or alternatively the jump from existing automation to high speed high throughput production style systems.
Offering complete versatility, the K3 XL Series will work with a wide range of plates for both source and destination, such as Micro Plates. 96,384 shallow and deep well formats, Petri Dishes from 4 to 15cms, Omni style Trays, Multi Well Growth plates, to Bio Assay trays.
K3 XL offers high throughput colony picking, by using a fully automated platform with source stacker and twin destination stackers feeding directly onto the operational bed, twin picking heads and remote auto sterilization continuous picking can be achieved.
Imaging is carried out via a CCD fire wire camera system this is a full RGB mode camera allowing the software algorithms to detect not only monochromatic scale for standard picking but to allow the colour differential between emitting organisms if required.
By fitting our fibre optic fluorescent excitation light source and emission camera filters multiple dye ranges can be visualised.

Key Features

Operator Friendly: Easy to program and operator friendly
Versatile: Able to use multiple plastic ware manufactures plates across applications.
Reliable: Engineered with robustness in mind

System Requirements

Sterilisation: 2 x Wet bath, 1 x Ultra Sonic, 1 x Dry station, Internal Germicidal UV lamp
Applications: Colony Picking, Plate Replication, Plate Re Arraying, Arraying
Data Control: On board barcode reader, data input / output files in CSV / XML
Software: Remote driver compatible via input files in CSV XML formats
Easy change applications, user interactive applications.
Source Plates: Bio Assay tray, Petri Dish, Omni tray, Multi Well Growth plate
Destination Plates: SBS footprint shallow / Deep Well 96 and 384 formats.
footprint: 2350 - 2925 L X 900 W x 1900 H (2100 with HEPA filtration)

(S) Standard (O) Optional K3 XL
Colony Picking (S)
Replication 96/384 head (O)
Re Arraying 96 head (O)
Arraying 96/384 head (O)
Fluorescent image analysis GFP (O)
Source Tray Handling 6 (S) / 11 (O) / 24 (O) automated stacker Automatic
Destination plate handling Twin stacker automated
Source capacity (optional tray capacities) 6 / 11 / 24
Destination Capacity 160
Throughput speed picks per hour 5000
UV Sterilisation (S)
HEPA positive filtration (O)

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